The Pac-12 hasn’t made an appearance in the College Football Playoff since 2016 and the conference has made just two appearances in the history of the event.

The latest story out of Los Angeles gives a good indication of the lack of resources being steered toward even the most premier of institutions in the Pac-12 and explains a lot when it comes to the lack of success being experienced by USC in recent seasons.

According to Scott Wolf of Inside USC and former Trojan and current FOX Sports analyst Petros Papadakis, USC unknowingly allowed a homeless man into the football program, allowed him access to a jacuzzi along with other football players, allowed the man meals at the football dining facility, a suite in the LA Coliseum to sleep in and even issued him a uniform.

Incredibly, the homeless man wasn’t caught until he attempted to field punts at practice.

Here is a comment shared on Wolf’s Inside USC site:

“He’s pretty young looking and could pass as a college student,” said a member of USC campus security, who did not wish to be identified. “He is about 5-10 but I heard he wore No. 87 at practice. The guy who really wears 87 is 6-4, so that was a giveaway.”

Papadakis, who also hosts a sports radio show in Los Angeles, confirms the details of this story.

If you are wondering where USC’s security detail is after reading all of this, former AD Lynn Swann eliminated the director of security position within the program during his time running the athletic department.

It sounds like it’s time to bring that position back immediately.