Deion Sanders and Colorado continued the improbable start to the season with a resounding 36-14 win over Nebraska to move to 2-0 on the season.

Sanders spoke with FOX Sports after the win.

“We stunk it up in the 1st half, but in the 2nd half we came back,” he said. “We started at the latter part of the 1st half and we came back. We had a great talk at halftime. We just came back and used our resiliency.”

The Colorado defense got 4 turnovers to fuel the victory.

“They played their butts off,” Sanders said of an improvement from last week. “We knew it was just a couple of personal things that we needed to fix. We’re still going to take a look, just giving up that big play at the end, we hate stuff like that, coaches do.”

At the end of the game, Colorado fans rushed the field to celebrate.

“But overall, I’m so proud of our kids, I’m so proud of the school, I’m so proud of the alumni and everyone,” Sanders said. “Seeing the kids storm the field, I’ve never been a part of anything like that before. So I love it 100%. I don’t think I stumbled or stuttered when I told you we coming. We coming.”