Media access to college football players appears to be in for a big change thanks to the new rules regarding name, image and likeness. Two Texas A&M football players are taking home $10,000 each for exclusive interviews with an Aggie fan site.

On Friday, hosted “an NIL event” sponsored by GreenPrint Real Estate Group. Running back Isaiah Spiller and safety Demani Richardson were compensated by the real estate company for exclusive interviews with TexAgs.

According to the Houston Chronicle, here’s what TexAgs co-owner and executive editor Billy Liucci posted on TexAgs about the event and compensated interviews:

“This took a lot of work in order to make sure everything was on the up-and-up and by the book in terms of the new NIL rules and this uncharted territory, but it was worth it to see how excited the guys were for the opportunity. I also think everyone wins here, from the content to the student athletes and, of course, for you the subscribers.”

GreenPrint owners Geoff Myers and Randy Hightower offered a statement on

“As Aggie business owners, we embrace any opportunity to support local student athletes and the Aggie community as a whole. With the collegiate athletic landscape rapidly changing, GreenPrint is thrilled to partner with TexAgs and these two young men in this exciting new endeavor.