If you missed Jimbo Fisher’s introductory Texas A&M press conference Monday, it can be viewed here in its entirety, the school officially introduced the football program’s new leader and announced the 10-year, $75 million guaranteed deal the former Florida State coach has signed to come to College Station.

With the Aggies now having a national championship-winning coach at the helm, Fisher was all bravado Monday and didn’t back down from the lofty expectations that come with such a massive contract.

Here are the highlights of his first press conference as head coach of Texas A&M as Fisher fielded questions from the media after being introduced:

Why leave Florida State; and why was Texas A&M the right destination for you?

“I never had any intention of leaving Florida State. My relationship with Scott and his vision to do things and as I researched Texas A&M and all the things it had here and the resources it had here and the vision it had here and the people it had here, from the President to the Chancellor to the Board of Regents and everyone together as a oneness. And then my relationship with Scott, the ability to come back and work and relive that vision of things that we had did before at LSU, I think it was a no‑brainer in a crazy way.”

Do you have to win a national championship at Texas A&M to validate your hiring?

“I don’t know if I have to but that’s my goal, and that’s the object and the mission which we’re about. That’s our whole objective in everything we do. Our whole goal is to win a national championship every year and always will be.”

How important is building relationships with Texas high school coaches?

“Extremely important. Because, as I say, the players and the coaches are the lifeline of this organization. That’s where we’re going to get our players… This is, like I say, one of the greatest states in all of America to develop college football. And I don’t know if it means any more anywhere than in the State of Texas and the coaches and the amount of coaching they get, the programs in which they come out of.

And developing those relationships are going to be extremely critical. I’ve been in this state at different times. When I was at FSU we came over and recruited some, when I was at LSU and all the different places.”

How important is it that members of your staff have ties to Texas?

“I think it’s very critical that guys that have recruited in the state be here. But, at the same time, I think it’s very critical to make sure you get the best people in the best position that are out there to be able to represent this university and coach our players and to recruit our players. We want to do that, if we possibly can. But also, at the same time, we want to make sure we get the best people who represent what we want to do, as I say, and build those relationships. Because, at the end of the day, it’s still about people. And you can go out and build those relationships, too.”

What’s the timeframe for taking a good program into an elite one?

“Yesterday. No, it is. Listen, I’m not a very patient guy.”

Soon after the press conference, Jimbo Fisher gave his first interview as Texas A&M’s head coach (Courtesy of Texas A&M’s Twitter @AggieFootball):