Booger McFarland points to the performance on the field when he addressed the ongoing feud between Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher.

The ESPN analyst was a guest on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Thursday, and said while Texas A&M has had a great recruiting class, it still has something to prove.

“Jimbo has got maybe the greatest recruiting class ever,” McFarland said. “And right now, he’s done nothing with it. Paul, quiet as it’s kept, A&M hasn’t proven anything on the field yet. They’ve proved they can build tall buildings. They’ve proved they can build a great recruiting class, but have they proven they can win 11 games and win the SEC? Have they proven they can get to the SEC Championship and go play for the national championship. They have not proven that. I would worry about that, and stop worrying about what the greatest college football coach of all time said because you’re not going to win social media with Nick Saban.”

The only way the Aggies will win this fight is to go beat Alabama, McFarland said.