One of the great personalities in college sports is Texas A&M men’s basketball coach Buzz Williams.

Williams and his wife have four children, but Williams revealed in a recent interview that he kept the same hairstyle for so long — some 16 years — that one of his daughters thought he was bald. Williams shared the funny story during an appearance on “The Field of 68” podcasting network. Turns out, the young father had a very real reason to pull the haircut from his budget.

“I was nervous financially,” he said. “Like how is my wife going to be able to stay at home, and how are we going to be able to make it. Should we turn off the cable? Should we get a smaller apartment? How can I save money? So I was getting my haircut twice a week, and so I just stopped. So I shaved my hair and we started buying diapers with what was my haircut money. … I just quit cutting my hair and when we got back in May, my daughter, who I call Sissy because I’m from the country, she sees me a couple weeks later and she’s like, ‘Dad, why haven’t you cut your hair?’ I said, ‘Well, Sissy, the tour’s over and I don’t have to go speak anywhere and I can’t go recruit, and I don’t know, I haven’t paid any attention to it. And she goes, ‘Well, I didn’t even know you had hair. She’s 16 at the time. I go, ‘Sissy, you know I have hair and she goes, I’ve never seen you with hair.'”

It was in that moment that Williams realized he hadn’t let his hair grow out in 16 years. Williams then grew his hair out over the summer, and said he would cut it when the season started, but never did. Now, he’s balding and the hair story enters a new chapter.