Buzz Williams discussed the end of the season for Texas A&M.

Texas A&M fell to Penn State, 76-59, in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. Williams was not pleased with his program’s seeding in the tournament. Williams thought Texas A&M deserved to receive a better seeding than No. 7.

“I don’t think in my career — I haven’t looked it up so if I’m speaking out of turn it’s not my intent. That was our ninth time in the tournament. I don’t think that we’ve ever been a 7, so we’ve never played a 10 and I know I mentioned it on Sunday night and Monday morning, I think our body of work, you could argue maybe should have been better than a 7, but, you know, once you let that go and you begin to prepare for the game, some of the seeding stuff goes away.”

Williams was impressed with Penn State’s performance and believed that the Aggies saw the best version of the Nittany Lions.

“I thought Penn State was terrific. They deserve all of the credit. Does that mean that they’re better than a 10 seed? That’s hard for me to know because I’ve just studied them. They have won 8 out of their last 10. I think they won three in a row on the road. They won four out of five to close down the regular season, three of those were on the road and they won three out of four in Indianapolis playing at a really high level and I would say tonight, I don’t want to speak for Coach, I would say tonight was the best they’ve played in that ten-game stretch.”

Texas A&M finished the season with a 25-10 record.