If Texas A&M and coach Billy Kennedy part ways after this season, the Aggies will try to make a splash with their next hire (much like they did with Jimbo Fisher in football).

One name that will likely be at the top of their list is Virginia Tech coach Buzz Williams, who is a Texas native and served as an assistant at A&M from 2004 to 2006.

After the Hokies beat Miami in the ACC Tournament on Wednesday, Williams was asked about the A&M rumors. As you can see below, he declined to comment on the rumors, saying he’s still focused on leading the Hokies (via ASAPSports.com):

Q. Buzz, I’m sure you’ll understand with the success you’ve had these things will come more and more, but there was a report linking you to Texas A&M, that they would be interested in you. I’m curious, do you address that at all with the guys and do you have any reaction to that report?
BUZZ WILLIAMS: No, sir, I’ve never commented on jobs. I don’t think that’s appropriate by our kids. Where I’m employed, that’s just — I can’t control what people say. I’ve got to make sure I’m doing my best with these guys.

Things may change in the offseason, but for now, Williams doesn’t appear to be interested in moving to College Station.