College football fans sound off on Jimbo Fisher after Aggies loss to Bulldogs

Jimbo Fisher continues to be in the crosshairs of college football fans across the country.

Just before the 2021 season began, the Texas A&M board of regents voted to give Fisher a 4-year contract extension, keeping him locked up

in College Station through 2031 and providing him with a healthy raise. That was after the original 10-year contract he signed when he was hired after leaving Florida State following the 2017 season.

However, the No. 15 Aggies have suffered their 2nd straight loss as they fell to Mississippi State 26-22 at Kyle Field on Saturday. For a program that expects

to challenge for national championships, this is yet another disappointing setback for Fisher and his team. A key moment came late in the 4th quarter, as the Bulldogs’ defense got to Zach Calzada for a safety to set the game’s final margin.

The Aggies look to get back on track on Oct. 9 but have a tall task, to say the

least, as No. 1 Alabama pays a visit.

Here’s what fans on social media were saying after Texas A&M’s latest defeat:

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  • Can you ever trust someone who talks that fast? Come on. Should be dead give away that they are con artist

  • For all the talk of pretty much the same defense as last year they sure are not elite. O-line has played a bit better each game. Jimbo needs to figure something out on the offence, Bc calzada is not working.

  • I don’t get how jimbo hasn’t looked at Eli Stowers? There is no way he could be worse then calzada at this point. At least he can scramble.

  • I’m still confused as to why Jimbo is considered a great coach. Jamis Winston won him the ring, between stealing crab legs and getting kicked off the FSU baseball team. The last half of his FSU career is the coach he is, not the first.

    • He has done a good job recruiting and aggies have played more physical with the exception of this year. Only thing really to look forward too is hopefully the O-line can start jelling by the end of the year for a good outing next year.

      • Either they need a couple more years recruiting or they are not being developed. I guess it could be a combination.

      • He’s definitely recruited well. Between Pittman at Arkansas and Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC I think A&M is gonna find the recruiting getting harder.
        Regardless, was anybody trying to steal Jimbo away that made it worth the extension?

        • I was kind confused on the extension myself. I knew this year would be a struggle for sure with what we lost last year. Didn’t think it would be this much of a drop off. The next two years will really tell us if it’s lack of development. Since this is year 3. Only thing that bothers me about fisher is he is so stubborn on his offence. Clearly what we have isn’t working and really only thing to look forward is seeing progress from young o-line.

  • Take a long look at FSU. That's where the Aggies are headed. Can't believe some buffoon thought giving Fisher an uearned raise was a good idea. Aggie nation is clueless if they think Fisher will lead them to anything other than perpetual mediocrity.

  • Worst of all, both the losses are NOT to the better teams. See ya next weekend. Aggie chance for redemption...or perdition.

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