The Texas A&M Aggies and NC State Wolfpack will meet up at the Gator Bowl on New Year’s Eve, and it should be an exciting game.

Both teams are talented offensively, but one of the key players will be A&M RB Trayveon Williams, who has already rushed for 1,524 yards and 15 touchdowns this year.

On Sunday, NC State coach Dave Doeren discussed the challenges of stopping a runner like Williams (transcript via

First of all, probably one of the few teams in college football that just play one running back. He’s getting over 20 carries a game. His durability is impressive, for him to be able to handle that. Obviously they really played two football games in one with the seven overtime game. He’s had a lot of snaps a lot of opportunities. Their offensive line is gigantic. They do a good job in what they do up front.

But we’ve seen good backs this year, too. This isn’t the first challenge we’ve had. We saw throughout the season different challenges from different backs, different styles. What makes him good is I think he’s not a one-style back. He can make people miss, he runs through contact, can catch the ball out of the backfield, he protects.

For us defensively, we start with that, and we’re going to stop the run. Statistically over the last five years that’s been something we’ve been top three in the ACC every season. We take a lot of pride in that. The gap integrity, the block destruction, we call it changing the math, but just getting extra hats to the football. That will be a big part of this game for both line of scrimmages.

The Gator Bowl kicks off at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time on New Year’s Eve and can be seen on ESPN.