Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher has come under fire this season, as the Aggies are struggling at 3-2 after starting the season ranked No. 6 in the AP Top 25.

And conventional wisdom says the Aggies will drop to 3-3 on Saturday. They play at No. 1 Alabama and are 24-point underdogs.

Taking aim at Fisher on Wednesday was ESPN’s Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, who sounded off on the A&M coach during ESPN’s “First Take.”

“I am tired of Texas A&M and JImbo Fisher. What did they give him, $80 million?” Russo said. “… They should have lost to Arkansas. They lost to Appalachian State. And of course last week, they got ambushed by Mississippi State with the cowbells in Starkville. … Now he’s going to go to Tuscaloosa this weekend on Saturday night and they’re going to get mauled.”

Russo wasn’t done there.

“Texas A&M is a big deal? No way,” Russo continued “I am so tired of hearing about (Fisher), his contract extensions, and that football team. They should be 2-3 instead of 3-2, and Nick (Saban) is going to lay the wood on ’em.”

You can see all of Russo’s comments on the “First Take” segment in the video below: