Jimbo Fisher’s first spring practice in College Station is in the book and while he admits it’s far too early to make any declarations about his first Texas A&M team, he likes what he’s seen as the Aggies having begun the on-the-field process of switching over to his scheme.

One area A&M fans are dying to be addressed is the toughness and physicality of the program after years of faltering in that area under Kevin Sumlin. Taking that into consideration, it’s no surprise that was the first question Fisher was asked during his Tuesday post-practice media availability.

Here’s what Fisher had to say when asked about his team’s physicality.

“As far as in shape? Great. I thought (strength coach Jerry Schmidt) Schmidty did a great job. Body fats have dropped, strength got better but it should be,” Fisher said. “We cranked them real hard, had a good offseason program, kids had a great attitude and worked hard in the weight room. We aren’t out of shape. We didn’t have anyone cramping, no one missed practice, no one came out tired and we have a lot of reps in practice — we go fast. I was pleased with that part.”

After only one practice, Fisher said it’s much too early to tell much in terms of a player’s ability based on the learning curve that is ongoing in College Station.

“You can’t ever judge a guy’s ability until he knows where he’s going and how fast he can go and that’s how quick he learns before you can really be able to judge,” he said.

The Texas A&M coach was also asked how often his QBs will go under center?

“You’ll see it at times, sometimes we’ll be in the (shot)gun, you’ll see them both,” Fisher answered. “That is something different for these guys, they haven’t been under center as much but there are things in our offense that I think you need to be under center more. They worked on it hard on their own in the offseason.”

Here’s what Fisher said when asked about his QB room:

“I like it, I do. All of those guys have done a good job, they are learning… it’s fun to ask questions. They ask the right questions,” Fisher continued. “Even if things are different, how they learn, they are kinda getting the concept of it which is what I’m happy about. They are fun to work with, they are easy to coach. They have been very attentive and ask the right questions.”

While it’s early, Fisher did say a few players stood out during his first practice in College Station.

“Eric McCoy was a guy that jumped out to me. Just his leadership and overall knowledge of what he is doing and confidence because he’s played a lot,” Fisher also noted his two QBs had a good day. “I thought Nick and Kellen did a good job in the backfield… Ausmon at receiver.”