The Florida State Seminoles had to find a new head coach this offseason after Jimbo Fisher took a massive offer to become Texas A&M’s head coach.

It was a bit of a surprising decision, but considering how much Fisher has clashed with FSU administration over the years, it was finally time for him to move on.

On Thursday, university president John Thrasher said he felt Fisher wanted to model things after Alabama’s program under Nick Saban when it came to facilities, which Thrasher didn’t think was a smart move for the university (via

“My view of Jimbo was he wanted to model things after Nick Saban and the SEC and Alabama,” Thrasher said Thursday in an interview with The Associated Press. “I’m OK with that to a point but I’m also not going to put Florida State at risk in terms of debt and the responsibility to other programs. Him and I had an understanding about that.”

Fisher was an outspoken critic of FSU’s facilities over the years, but now at Texas A&M, he is at a school willing to invest in its football program.

Whether or not he can build the Aggies into a juggernaut like Alabama remains to be seen, but Fisher feels he has the support he needs to make a big move.