There’s been plenty of discussion surrounding Texas A&M. This is currently year 5 of the Jimbo Fisher era in College Station, and again, the team will be on the outside of the College Football Playoff picture looking in.

Fisher has a 37-16 record at A&M and a 22-13 mark in SEC play, with the Aggies 3-2 on the season. Critics of Fisher note that he’s not really outperforming his predecessor, Kevin Sumlin, while also calling to attention Fisher’s massive buyout and his current contract that lasts until 2031.

Subpar quarterback play has been part of the Aggies’ struggles, providing further fuel to the argument that Fisher’s success at Florida State was essentially because of, rather than in spite of, the play of Jameis Winston. That’s one of “a whole host of issues” ailing the Aggies’ offense, including the loss of Ainias Smith, according to Greg McElroy.

“They’re not very creative when it comes to their offensive plan,” McElroy said on Tuesday’s “College Football Live”. “I don’t feel like their quarterbacks have been real decisive. You look at both guys, while yes, Haynes King has created more yards per attempt, but he also has come with critical and catastrophic mistakes…Max Johnson, while [he] has done a little bit better job than Haynes King in being methodical in the offense, it doesn’t really have the big play capability that it’s had in the past.”

“The other part of it is…their lack of success on 1st down. And so, if you always have 2nd and long and 3rd and long, that is not a comfortable place for a quarterback to get in a rhythm of a game,” added Joey Galloway. “Their offense looks like they have no rhythm, and that a lot of time happens when you don’t have success on 1st down.”