Greg McElroy gave his initial thoughts on Jimbo Fisher’s firing on Always College Football on Sunday.

Fisher was fired Sunday morning following Texas A&M’s win over Mississippi State. The head coach will receive a massive $76 million buyout.

McElroy questioned the timing of his firing. The Aggies just notched their most dominate win of the season, and McElroy found that a strange time to fire Fisher.

“The timing doesn’t make any sense,” McElroy said. “Unless there was all of the sudden some booster that said, ‘Alright, yeah fine, we’ll pay him the $60-70 million that we owe him.’ I don’t know what the exact buyout number is at the moment.”

McElroy believes while Texas A&M has been decent, the Aggies haven’t seen any real growth under Fisher.

“It felt like A&M hasn’t really progressed the way many people thought they would,” McElroy said. “They currently sit at 6-4, but they had just 24 hours ago beaten Mississippi State 51-10. That’s a beat down. That was probably the best and most complete performance that Texas A&M has had all season long.”

Ultimately, McElroy doesn’t disagree with the decision to fire Fisher, but he doesn’t understand the timing of his firing. He believes that the only logical explanation is that Texas A&M has already found its next head coach.

“I’m not saying I disagree with the decision, but the timing of them letting him go right now, saying, ‘You’re out, time to move forward, we’re gonna pay that money in the buyout that we owe you, and we’re gonna bring someone else in,'” McElroy said. “The timing indicates that they already have their guy. That’s just what I’m reading into it. You don’t make a move like this fresh off the team’s best performance of the season if you don’t have a guy that’s already on the hook. And then you run the risk if Jimbo Fisher starts to create a little momentum and they finish 8-4, and then they win their bowl game and their 9-4 and then you can’t let him go.”