When the preseason AP Poll came out on Monday, the Texas A&M Aggies checked in at the No. 13 spot, 1 spot ahead of Texas and 1 spot below Wisconsin.

However, when it comes to the individual voters, no one is higher on the Aggies entering 2020 than ESPN’s Rece Davis — the host of College GameDay.

As you can see here, he had Texas A&M ranked No. 4 overall, behind Clemson, Ohio State and Alabama, but ahead of Georgia, LSU and Oklahoma.

How did the Aggies fare on other polls? Well, they only appeared in the top 10 on 9 ballots, never higher than No. 8.

Davis had them 4 spots higher than anyone else. Will he end up being proven right? Or, will the Aggies fail to reach the top 5 in 2020? We’ll find out starting next month!