Tim Brewster may need to step away from Twitter for the rest of the week.

The Texas A&M assistant took some heat last week for his take on how great the SEC is, which was nearly identical to his take on the ACC less than a year earlier when he was coaching at Florida State. Several Big 12 coaches sure had fun with that one.

Now Brewster is stirring up some new controversy on Twitter, this time with an attempted recruiting pitch to potential Texas A&M defensive back targets.

Here’s what Brewster tweeted out Monday night:


The problem with that message? According to Jalen Ramsey, Jimbo Fisher didn’t do anything to help him develop into the playmaker he has become. Based on his answer, it goes without saying that the Aggies did not get Ramsey’s permission to send out the graphic.

Ramsey also sent out this tweet:

Interestingly enough, there is a coaching staff in the SEC that can take some credit for Ramsey’s success in college and it’s not the one currently in College Station. Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt was key in getting Ramsey to sign in Tallahassee and served as his defensive coordinator and secondary coach during Florida State’s undefeated 2013 season.

Pruitt left to take over Georgia’s defense following that season, leaving Charles Kelly to inherit the same responsibilities for Ramsey’s final two seasons with Florida State. Kelly now coaches the secondary in Knoxville for Pruitt’s Tennessee program.

So if any SEC staff is going to use Ramsey as a recruiting pitch, it should be Tennessee and not Texas A&M. Apparently, someone forgot to inform Brewster of that fact. Seeing as how Brewster was on FSU’s staff during that time, he must have known how much input Fisher had on his defensive backs.

Considering the fallout in consecutive weeks from a Brewster tweet, at this point, whatever he tweets out must be taken with a grain of salt. His idea of “#Facts!!” seem to be nothing but alternative facts at this point.