Texas A&M is in a position where the Aggies may need a healthy argument to talk their way into the College Football Playoff. Their best win, Florida, took a hit to their strength of schedule Saturday with the LSU loss. However, the Aggies are on the cusp entering the final week before the final rankings are revealed on Sunday.

So will coach Jimbo Fisher address the Playoff positioning for his team, and perhaps lobby to be included in the top four teams.

“What you do postseason depends on what you do in-season,” Fisher said at his Monday press conference. “In-season’s not over. We’ll discuss that when we’re done. We’ll have to handle in-season, we need to play well and prepare well and then we’ll handle our business, make decisions.”

Some of the arguments come down to how many games are played as teams around the country, especially outside the ACC and SEC, have played less than 10 games. Would Fisher lobby for the Aggies based on their resume?

“If there are questions that are pointed at that time after the season is over, if we’re in position to be able to do that, we’ll make our own comments and do the things we need to do,” Fisher said. “The folks that are on that committee, they know what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and all the lobbying, it becomes good social media to me, and I don’t know how much it really works when you get right down to it. Those people know what they’re doing, how they’re going to do it, how they’re going to pick it. We have to take care of what we play with on the field and give them a good argument. If we need an argument, we need an argument by how we play. Not by what we say.”