It’s been a long offseason journey for Austin Thomas but the former LSU general manager appears to have finally found his home moving forward.

If you are unfamiliar with his story, Thomas was the first general manager in the history of the SEC. He began his career at his alma mater of Tennessee, working as a low-level assistant on the final coaching staff for Phillip Fulmer and was retained by Lane Kiffin’s staff when they arrived in Knoxville. Thomas soon found himself working for USC before being hired by LSU. The Trojans even briefly rehired him, this time away from LSU, but he soon returned to Baton Rouge with a promotion and the GM title.

Thomas’ role at LSU was wide-ranging, as his duties involved everything from coaching decisions to being heavily involved with the recruiting board and weighing in on scholarship offers that were handed out by the Tigers.

“Austin I believe one day will be an NFL General Manager,” Ed Orgeron said of Thomas according to Barton Simmons of 247Sports. “He’s very talented. He’s the general manager. I trust him in all aspects. He can have the keys to the car. I trust him in everything that he does.”

When Jeremy Pruitt got the job at Tennessee, Thomas’ alma mater quickly came calling. Despite a last-ditch effort by LSU to keep Thomas, he left to return to his home state. However, Thomas didn’t last more than a few days and both parties abruptly went their separate ways. Thomas was then nearly hired by Ole Miss this offseason but that eventually fell thru as well.

Now he has been spotted in College Station recently working for Jimbo Fisher’s program. Considering the Aggies are currently on a recruiting tear, adding someone with Southern recruiting ties that Thomas’ possesses could be huge for the A&M program moving forward.

Over the weekend, Taylor Hamm of snagged a photo of Thomas in A&M gear and Chris Vannini of The Athletic also reports that Thomas has been hired by the Aggies. According to Vannini, the NCAA has cleared Thomas to work for Fisher’s program, with the potential hold up being the IAWP rule. That rule states programs cannot hire off-the-field positions with anyone that may have ties to potential recruiting prospects for the next two years.