Lack of dominance on the line of scrimmage and surrendering fourth-quarter leads doomed Kevin Sumlin’s career in College Station. That issue always seemed to loom over his program and was something Booger McFarland noted time and again heading into each fall since Texas A&M entered the SEC.

Sumlin never corrected the issue and that’s a big reason why Jimbo Fisher is now in charge in College Station.

According to McFarland, Fisher has admitted the program he inherited has a reputation for being soft. More importantly for the Aggies’ future, Fisher vows to change that.

During a Friday appearance on the Paul Finebaum Show, McFarland gave details of an offseason conversation he had with Fisher after being asked which first-year coach from the SEC will emerge by the show’s host.

“I think the two you have to look out is Jimbo at A&M because of the wealth of talent and the money they have out there in College Station,” McFarland said. “Then you got to look at Dan Mullen because of his acumen of developing quarterbacks and getting guys to play.

“I talked to Jimbo in Atlanta and I told Jimbo point blank — the same thing I told you guys about Texas A&M the last several years — Texas A&M is a soft program. Jimbo looked me in the eye and was like, ‘You know what, you damn right. We are soft, but I’m going to change that.’

“So if Jimbo can change the biggest issue at A&M… A&M has always had talent and athleticism. They have plenty of money and speed, they have all the things you need. I think Jimbo will have every opportunity if he can change the softness problem at A&M.”

If Fisher can keep his word, there’s a good chance the Aggies finally reach their ceiling in the SEC. Something Sumlin had the opportunity to accomplish but ultimately failed to do.