The Texas A&M Aggies had the unenviable position of being No. 5 in the final College Football Playoff rankings of the season, essentially serving as the “first team out” of the field of 4 teams.

Many fans and analysts have argued that the Aggies deserved to be in the field over a team like Ohio State, which didn’t play as many games as the other top teams.

Aggies coach Jimbo Fisher has advocated expanding the Playoff, and he continued to back that stance on Tuesday during an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show”:

“I think if you’re going to find the best teams — the object was to have the 4 best teams. That’s what we always said we wanted when we got into the Playoff,” Fisher says. “I think, in my opinion, the Playoff has to expand. I think it has to go to 8 teams and maybe more, whatever it becomes. Incorporate the bowls in it. … I think it would enhance all the bowls if we put them in a Playoff situation. I think you’d find the best teams in the Playoff. I think, with 4, you’re still leaving it out a little bit, in my opinion.”

It seems momentum is building toward a Playoff expansion, but nothing has happened yet. We’ll see if the CFP head honchos finally cave in and expand the tournament over the next couple of years.