Jimbo Fisher gets paid a ton of money to make tough decisions.

Clock management during the first half of SEC games shouldn’t rate among the toughest tasks the Texas A&M coach has to face but the $75 million dollar man really struggled to handle the clock at the end of the first half on Saturday.

Texas A&M’s final possession of the first half started with 4:14 on the clock, yet the Aggies ran out of time and were forced to kick a field goal to end the first half.

The worst aspect of that drive came when Texas A&M got a first down that put the ball at Florida’s 4-yard line with 11 seconds remaining.

Instead of taking a timeout, Texas A&M spiked the ball, which took 3 seconds off the game clock.

After the spike, about 15 seconds later, Jimbo Fisher called a timeout on the sideline.

So what was the point of spiking the ball and losing those precious seconds?

Texas A&M managed to get one play off after the timeout, which resulted in a Florida penalty. However, due to having only 4 seconds remaining in the half, the Aggies kicked a field goal.

That decision may come back to haunt the Aggies, as Florida leads 21-17 at halftime, with Texas A&M showing little ability to slow down Dan Mullen’s offense so far.