If you missed the big news in the Southeastern Conference on Thursday, the NCAA announced Texas A&M was found to have broken two violations under head coach Jimbo Fisher.

The Aggies broke a Level II violation (in recruiting) as well as a Level III violation (for going over the allocated practice time allowed by the NCAA). Level I violations are the most severe, while Level III violations are the least severe in the NCAA rulebook.

Texas A&M will be on probation from July 2, 2020, through July 1, 2021, following this news. Fisher also received a six-month showcause from the NCAA.

The NCAA also required Fisher and Texas A&M to publicly address these violations as part of the program’s punishment.

Here are the statements provided by Texas A&M.

Jimbo Fisher

“As Texas A&M’s Head Football Coach, I am responsible for promoting and monitoring for NCAA compliance in our program. While I am disappointed in the violations, including an unintended one that resulted from a conversation with a high school athlete, it is still my responsibility to ensure we are adhering to each and every rule. I am pleased to have this matter completely behind our program and look forward to continuing our efforts to make every aspect of our program one all Aggies can continue to be proud of.”

Texas A&M President Michael Young

“I am grateful to the coaches and staff for acknowledging their mistakes and for taking appropriate actions to address issues, even before any decisions were made by the NCAA. The ongoing commitment to compliance is essential. Coach Fisher and his staff have taken responsibility, implemented corrective actions, and have our full and total support.”

Texas A&M AD Ross Bjork

“Since I arrived at Texas A&M, I have seen up close and personal Coach Fisher’s commitment to integrity and following the rules. I appreciate his response, including actions taken during the process itself. As a result, the program moves forward and remains on track in both our short and long-term quest for excellence. This will have no impact on our current or future student-athletes, the 2020 post-season, or our pursuit of championship success on and off the field.”