Ahead of 2019, everyone knew that Texas A&M would face one of the nation’s toughest schedules.

In addition to facing the SEC West gauntlet of Alabama, Auburn and LSU, the Aggies also traveled to Clemson to face the defending national champions and Georgia for a cross-divisional matchup in November.

So, now entering Week 8, Texas A&M is 3-3 on the season with wins over Texas State, Lamar and Arkansas and losses to Clemson, Auburn and Alabama. That’s about where most projected the Aggies to be. The Auburn game was winnable, though, and Clemson didn’t play that well in the 24-10 win.

Nonetheless, Jimbo Fisher reiterated Wednesday that the program is right on track for where it needs to be. Fisher said he thinks his team and program are in great shape, and he mentioned that recruiting is going really well. The Aggies are playing a lot of young players, and that will pay off.

“I think we are in great shape, I really do,” Fisher said Wednesday on the SEC Coaches Teleconference. “I think we’ve played some really good people and have some really good, young, talented players that are growing. Recruiting is going well, recruiting has grown leaps and bounds and we have to keep recruiting and keep developing the depth it takes to do those things and get experience on the field.

“We are playing so many young players and that’s not an excuse, it’s just a fact. The only thing that gives you experience is time, we have to keep doing it. I’m pleased with where we are at as far as how the future is going. You always want quicker results and immediate results but at the same time you understand why things are happening and I think things are right on schedule for where we want to go.”

Fisher also touched on other topics on the teleconference:

  • On improvement: Understanding the prep that it requires to play. We have a number of young players playing… Communication and blitz pick up… Offensively, playing the run… On SPT we were good until last week. We will learn from that situation moving forward.
  • On QB Kellen Mond: He is making a lot of plays, and he’s getting the ball to the right places. All QBs want a throw or read back, but his knowledge of the game has improved, using his legs. The knowledge is getting stronger and stronger each week.