On Sunday, CBS Sports ran the latest article in their “Candid Coaches” series, asking which fellow coaches they felt were overrated and underrated.

Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher received one vote as “overrated,” so it wasn’t exactly a significant portion of the coaches polled, but boy, did this coach have something to say.

Per the article, the anonymous coach ripped Fisher for trying too hard to be like his mentor, Nick Saban:

“We’re going to see in the next three years [what happens with Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M]. That disaster last year at Florida State, he prides himself on being just like Nick Saban. He only worked for him for a couple of years. He never has the organizational skills. He flies by the seat [of his pants]. It looks like it’s organized and the words he uses are the same, but if you talk to people who work in his office, the desk is sloppy, the rooms are sloppy.”

Fisher served as Saban’s offensive coordinator back during their LSU days, during which they won a national title together.

Obviously, coaches would never say things like this if they weren’t given anonymity, but Fisher won’t be happy to hear this. However, he can prove himself this fall by winning games, and we’ll see what he can do when the season kicks off in a few short days.