Jimbo Fisher and the Texas A&M Aggies put together the No. 1-rated 2022 recruiting class. In fact, it is the best recruiting class ever assembled in the history of the 247Sports composite rankings.

That, naturally, led to many message board allegations that the deep-pocketed Aggies simply bought their elite class, paying players through newly legal NIL deals.

Well, let’s just say Fisher has some issues with that. He went on an epic rant on Wednesday afternoon, calling out clowns, Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin, Notre Dame, and a message board poster named “Sliced Bread.” Check out the passionate rant here:

“Here’s what I’m gonna say, and this is point blank,” Fisher started. “Point blank. Here’s my problem — there is no $30 million fund. There is no $5 million, no $10 million. This is garbage. And it does, it pisses me off.”

Fisher is clearly frustrated at the perception of this recruiting class being bought. Now, will some of the incoming Aggies land NIL deals? Probably! But, Fisher’s point is that there are plenty of schools with elite classes that aren’t facing the same rumors Texas A&M is.

We’ll see how much more this topic gets debated over the coming days and weeks. It could continue all offseason, folks.