A handshake deal is apparently still worth what it ought to be these days in College Station as Jimbo Fisher has yet to sign his 10-year, $75-million dollar guaranteed contract with Texas A&M, according to Shannon Najmabadi of the Texas Tribune.

While that news may be somewhat unnerving for some Texas A&M fans — and LSU head coach Ed Orgeron — Fisher has agreed to a memorandum of understanding with the school and has been receiving payment for his work in College Station despite not signing his contract.

According to A&M spokesperson Kelly Brown, there’s no holdup on the deal nor any reason to believe the contract won’t be signed in the near future.

“There’s no disagreement over the contract and there’s nothing contentious going on behind the scenes,” Brown said via email to the Texas Tribune. “The previously announced terms of Fisher’s contract — that he’ll earn a guaranteed $75 million over 10 years — will be unchanged in the signed version, which officials expect may be complete in the ‘next few weeks.’ ”

So what exactly is the holdup in the process? Changes to the tax law have played a part as well as Fisher’s busy practice and recruiting schedule since agreeing to be Texas A&M’s coach.

While the fact that Fisher has yet to put pen to paper may seem like a big revelation, this news appears to be much ado about nothing in College Station.