Texas A&M players got to end practice early, but it wasn’t a reward. Jimbo Fisher told reporters that he cut practice short due to unsatisfactory effort.

“Didn’t see the effort I needed. Didn’t see the focus. Didn’t see the execution. Didn’t see the detail. Didn’t see the communication. Didn’t see the things that make you play good football, consistently. Too erratic. Too up and down. Too lethargic – just not the focus you gotta have. And that can never be accepted. I’m never gonna accept that,” Fisher told reporters Thursday.

A reporter asked Fisher if he thought the grind of fall camp was getting to the Aggies. The second-year coach didn’t see it as a valid excuse.

“Everybody’s in a grind, that’s what football’s about,” Fisher said. “That’s why you win tough games – you embrace the grind.”

It’s the first time Fisher has cut an Aggies practice short. It will be interesting to see if it proves to be a well-timed wake-up call with more than two weeks away from the beginning of the 2019 season.