Texas A&M’s game with Ole Miss this week has been called off because of COVID-19 protocols within the Aggies program. But coach Jimbo Fisher shared on Monday at a press conference that the Aggies have one current positive case in the program, but that they also have less than 50 available players because of quarantine protocols.

“Our numbers were in the mid-to-high 40s,” Fisher said, as one positive case came off, and an off-the-field staffer also was previously counted.

Fisher said the Aggies use regular Zoom sessions to show the players where they’ve played well, and where they’ve struggled throughout the season. He said the players being quarantined can do some limited workouts away from other players.

“Keeping their mind in the game, keeping them fresh, keeping the physical workouts that way, and then you have time to get back and get prepared for a game,” Fisher said.

He said the coronavirus-related challenges are tough because they’re new, but activities can still take place.

“We all want to play, but we still want to be safe,” Fisher said.

Fisher was asked how to continue momentum following this layoff.

“We’ll be right back on their tails and pushing them the same way we practiced before we were playing then,” Fisher said. “We’ll be right back in it and pushing and going and I think they will too because they know they have a chance to have a very good season. They’re having a very good season and guys like to play and push themselves when things are going well, and hopefully even when things aren’t going well, that’s a test of who you are. Life is about changes, it’s about adaptation, it’s about making the best out of situations and I think this is a great lesson for them in life and I think they’re handle it the right way and so far they have.”