With Clemson, Alabama, Georgia and LSU on the schedule this fall, the Texas A&M Aggies face one of the toughest slates of any FBS team.

To compete for the SEC West title this fall, the Aggies will have to win at least a couple of those games, probably, but coach Jimbo Fisher welcomes the challenge.

Speaking at the Brazos County A&M Club Coach’s Night on Monday, he said having so many opportunities for big wins is what teams should want (via TexAgs.com):

“When you want to make a difference you have to have opportunity … you have to have significant opportunity,” Fisher said. “So when you’re playing people like we’re playing and have the schedule we have, you’re going to have plenty of opportunities.

“There’s a great opportunity where we’re at and where we’re building this program. It’s a great opportunity for us to show the development we’ve made, the consistency with which we can play, and hopefully, getting over the hump like we did at the end of the (last) year in those big games and becoming relevant in the national championship hunt.”

After opening against Texas State, the Aggies head to Clemson for a tough road game, so there’s not much rest before the real tests begin.

We’ll find out quickly what this year’s A&M squad is made of, and that sounds like exactly what Fisher wants.