Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher is well aware of the NFL-caliber talent on the Alabama offense. He noted the first-round receivers the Crimson Tide had last year, and how this year’s roster is more of the same.

One of the more dynamic players is Jaylen Waddle, who doubles as a receiver and punt returner. He creates some problems in the punt return game for the Aggies.

“First of all, you get great hang time on your kick,” Fisher said at his Monday press conference. “You get your gunners out and win the battles and try to pin him, or you don’t let him touch it.”

Last year, when Waddle had a big game, Fisher said there were several mistakes, including punting and on coverage.

Fisher was also asked if he feels better about his secondary against the Alabama receivers than he did in previous years.

“They have dynamic receivers, they’ve got first-round guys,” Fisher said. “They had two last year, and these two they got right here probably two, and the young guy coming on, he looks like a very good one too. When you’ve got first round guys, you’re always worried about them, no matter how many first round guys you’ve got. … We feel confident going in with our guys, but at the same time, we understand you can’t blink, because those guys are running away from you.”

About QB Mac Jones, Fisher is impressed.

“Very well-coached, knows what he’s doing, very accurate, very good quarterback, very productive, makes great decisions, accuracy down the ball,” Fisher said. “He’s got really good wideouts and he gets the ball down the field to them. He dumps it off good. Really has a feel for what they’re doing. Can even scramble when he has to and make plays. But he’s a guy who sets there and makes decisions and is very accurate with the ball.”