Jimbo Fisher won’t be given years to build Texas A&M into an SEC contender. That’s the reality when a coach is given a 10-year, $75 million guaranteed contract.

Fortunately for Fisher, he inherited an Aggie team with plenty of talent across the board. If his team can quickly adjust from Kevin Sumlin’s coaching style to his, there’s a chance Texas A&M emerges as a sleeper in the SEC West in 2018. While winning the league may not seem realistic out of the gate, Fisher is well aware that big things are being expected from his program in College Station.

During a recent sit-down interview with the SEC Network’s Jordan Rodgers, Fisher explained how it won’t be hard for him to handle the high expectations at Texas A&M, where winning eight games and going to a bowl game wasn’t enough for Sumlin to appease the fan base.

“That wasn’t good enough at Florida State. I’ve been doing it my whole life. It wasn’t good enough at LSU. Wasn’t good enough when I was at Auburn,” Fisher answered. “If you’re not somewhere that wants that, that’s not the job you want.”

The Aggie coach was then asked by Rodgers about the position he’s most known for, his quarterbacks.

“I love Starkel,” Fisher said. “Starkel is big, he’s strong. He’s a true pocket guy that can make all the throws across the field. Decision-maker, likes the ball (in his hands). Mond, I saw him as a runner, but I saw him the last couple of days he was ripping it, making some throws and he can create with his legs. I think his knowledge of the game is really coming on, too. I think it’s a great competition.”

Finally, Fisher discussed how he wants his team to look this season. Based on his answer, it’s clear the point has been hammered home that blowing late leads will no longer be tolerated at A&M — something that plagued Sumlin’s era.

“A team that every time they walked on the field, you loved watching them play,” Fisher continued. “They played with a lot of heart. They played with soul. They played with toughness and effort and discipline and had a lot of pride in what they did. And you could see it by the way they approached everything they did. There was grit in them.”

“You knew you had to play a 60-minute football game with them.”