Texas A&M is coming off of one of its biggest wins in recent years, and coach Jimbo Fisher has a message about handling success.

The coach shared it on the SEC coaches media teleconference.

“Well first I know what you tell our team is you got to remind them why you had success in that game and to repeat it, and doesn’t matter who you play it’s how you play,” Fisher said. “And every team in this league has great players. If you look at the draft there are guys that get them all over the league from every team. So you have to play and you can’t one win does not make anything. You got to stay hungry you got to have a chip on your shoulder to play you got to compete and if you don’t in this league. Don’t take it away from me so fast.”

This week the opponent is Mississippi State and coach Mike Leach, and the Bulldogs are coming off of a loss at Kentucky.

“Mike is a great football coach he’s going to adjust to whatever is happening, whatever is going on,” Fisher said. “He’s been around a long time he’s a brilliant mind and what he does. And they’ll, they’ll make changes and again that’s the thing too scary you don’t know what changes are going to make, but he will make him, he will do what he does and and don’t do what the things they have to do to be successful and as I say going into the unknown is a very tough at that it’s a very scary thing a very tough thing to compete against but you have to just stay with your rules how you gonna play the game and teach so systematically.”

Fisher said DL Bobby Brown is good to go this week, and that the Aggies have been tested twice for COVID since the Florida game and there are no positive cases.