Kellen Mond had his moments last season for the Aggies but judging from the most recent comments from Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M is expecting the program’s starting quarterback to take his game to another level this fall.

The Texas A&M coach has expressed some frustration this training camp with many aspects of his team but one player that he’s remained high on after nine days of camp is his junior signal-caller.

During his Sunday media availability for Texas A&M’s 2019 Media Day event, Fisher threw a ton of praise at Mond.

“I think Kellen is so much further along is the discussions and the things we talk about and able to, not just learn what I’m trying to say but conversate and have opinions on how we should do it, why we should do it, because I think he understands how we are attacking things now,” Fisher said on Sunday. “It’s – for a lack of a better term, how your children grow up, the conversations they have with you, you know what I’m saying? His, from a football standpoint, from a psychological standpoint, (conversations) are really good. I think that’s now allowing him to transition into putting his personality and demeanor on the other players. It’s hard to do that when you are still battling for a job yourself and proving yourself. From that standpoint, he has grown tremendously.”

Now that Mond has earned the confidence from those around him after a year of successful play on the field in Fisher’s offense, the QB has managed to turn that around and use it to develop into a better leader.

“My first year with Coach Fisher, you’re battling for a position and you are kinda trying to prove yourself to everybody, try to win the team and earn respect,” Mond said during A&M Media Days. “Now that I have respect, it’s my job to not only be a leader but to also enforce leadership on others.”

That’s exactly what Fisher is looking for in his quarterbacks and the type of quality he expressed he now sees in the junior signal-caller. Despite the loss of some leaders this offseason in College Station, the leadership void at A&M can be made up for with a veteran quarterback that not only may be the team’s best overall player, Mond may just prove to be the best leader Fisher has in his locker room.