Jimbo Fisher is in favor of the expanded College Football Playoff, from 4 teams to 12 teams by 2026, if not before.

At his Monday press conference, Fisher explained why.

“The excitement in the college game of 12, 15, 18 games across the country at the end of the year should enhance the college game,” Fisher said, per TexAgs, and added that the expansion would impact recruiting and be good for college football overall.

The decision came on Friday when the 11 university leaders who make up the Board of Managers approved the original 12-team proposal. The plan calls for the 6 highest-ranked conference champions and 6 at-large picks — as determined by a selection committee — to make the Playoff.

The top 4 seeds would be conference champions and receive byes into the second round. First-round games would be played on campuses and the rest at bowl sites.

Part of the plan involves a new TV contract, and the plan is to take the new format to the open market and possibly involve multiple TV partners instead of just ESPN.