Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher sees a growing trend and he’s getting tired of it.

Last week, the Aggies were officially whistled for seven flags for 58 yards, while Alabama had 6-40. This week, Texas A&M was called for five penalties for 67 yards, and Florida was called for five penalties and 32 yards.

Beyond the numbers, he sees a discrepancy between the two games. He particularly focused on late hits, and hits to the head.

“We get picked up and driven in the ground last week, and we’re told that’s OK,” Fisher said after the game. “We rush one of them and now it’s a penalty. We’re gonna have a little talk about that, you can bank on that,” he said. “I’m tired of that.”

It’s something that the players are getting irritated by, also, as Buddy Johnson suggested.

“Guys were getting frustrated, but it’s up to the leaders to help everyone keep their composure.”

Texas A&M returns to action next week at Mississippi State. In the mean time, Fisher may have more to say about the officiating at his press conference early next week.