Who said Jimbo Fisher was on the hot seat?

Texas A&M’s coach just killed all that talk in one game as the Aggies just knocked off undefeated Florida 41-38 in College Station on Saturday.

Without a doubt, this is the biggest win of the Jimbo Fisher era in College Station and the Aggie coach was ecstatic after the game.

on how important this win is:

“Very important because you got to learn to win these. You got to learn to not play the scoreboard and play every play. Relentless competitor, win your space, the scoreboard takes care of itself. I can’t say enough, people doubted – we deserved some of it, but we had a good football team and program.”

on the doubt and the near-unraveling of the Aggies in this game:

“We did a good job, weren’t unraveling, just impatience. You can’t be impatient, you got to play with together, you can’t cheat the game. The game makes you play it, and we played.”

on Kellen Mond’s performance:

“He’s had some mistakes, every quarterback does. Let me tell you something, he’s the reason we’re winning football games, and there’s a lot of these guys, it’s been awesome man. It’s been awesome.”

on the defense getting some stops late:

“It was critical. They are good, we gave some plays up but we got that turnover when they had to.”