Jimbo Fisher is one of the more respected offensive minds in the SEC and across the country. So the Texas A&M coach understandably gets plenty of questions about quarterbacks like Alabama star Tua Tagovailoa.

“He had a tremendous year but it’s hard to maintain the level he did for 14 games,” Fisher said on the SEC coaches media teleconference. “He does a great job of anticipating throws, getting the ball out of his hand. I think he processes the information, pre-snap and post-snap, very well that allows to make quick decisions. And then he’s a very, very good athlete. he gets his body and feet where he needs to. Combine that with knowing where to get the ball, it’s tough to stop and he’s got some dynamic playmakers.”

Fisher was asked about Alabama having a new center this week and whether that will have an impact.

“That can be a challenge but I’m sure they will work on it in practice, we rotate different guys to get guys used to it because those scenarios happen,” he said.

Fisher was also asked about playing Nick Saban at home.

“Yeah, you would rather get them at home than on the road or on a neutral field, but they are still bringing some great players,” he said. “This is why you come to A&M to play games like this… he does a hell of a job.”

Asked about his birthday plans on Wednesday, Fisher replied, “No, try to figure out how to score points against them.”

He also made a comment about Bobby Brown: “Very talented guy, his size, his mass and he can bend… he gets better and better, very intelligent young man. rarely makes the same mistake twice, he is a growing leader.”