Jimbo Fisher was asked for various updates on the Texas A&M quarterbacks on Thursday, and said that all 3 players, Max Johnson, Haynes King and Conner Weigman are receiving equal repetitions.

About Johnson, Fisher was asked if the play calling changes because he’s left-handed, and Fisher said no.

“It’s just based on what he can do,” Fisher said. “What he likes well, what he can do well within the confines of our offense.”

About Johnson and Weigman, Fisher said the learning process of the offense is going well.

“Conner’s picked it up very well for a young freshman,” Fisher said. “He’s a very intelligent guy, very instinctive guy, very rarely, if he makes a mistake, he doesn’t repeat it very often. Very encouraging in that way and development, and Max is doing a lot of the same things.”


In terms of the physical recovery, Fisher said King is back, and pain-free throwing and running the ball. King’s strength is also back in terms of everything related to the injury.

Fisher has previously said that all 3 are competitive with each other, but also help one another, and that number of quarterbacks in a competition is somewhat rare these days. This will continue to be the more watched aspect of fall camp for the Aggies.