News that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed into law an endorsement bill that would allow college athletes to profit off of their likeness and image made its way to Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher.

Newsom signed the “Fair Pay to Play Act,” which states that colleges in California cannot punish their athletes for collecting endorsement money. The law, which takes effect in 2023, states that students at public and private universities in the state will be allowed to sign deals with businesses and profit from their images, names or likenesses, just like professional athletes.

“It’s really going to change how things are done, that’s for sure,” Fisher said at his regular weekly press conference. “I’m anxious to see what the next step the NCAA takes, and then we’ll have to make the accountable adjustments of what goes on. But that is definitely a game changer, and I’m going to have to sit back and think through that. I’m glad it happened on an off week for the future of what’s going to happen.”

Fisher said it’ll be something for each school and college coaches to discuss how it effects everything.

The NCAA said in a statement that it agrees changes are needed to continue to support student-athletes, but improvement needs to happen on a national level through the NCAA’s rules-making process.

Newsom said the law would initiate dozens of other states into similar legislation, and it’s going to change college sports for the better, by having now the interest, finally, on par with the interests of the institutions.

“Now we’re rebalancing that power arrangement,” he said.