One of the quirks in the SEC schedule was exposed this year as Texas A&M travels to Georgia this week in a rare meeting between the programs.

Since Texas A&M joined the SEC in 2012, the teams haven’t met, and they won’t again until 2024. It’s something that has come up in conference meetings and offseason discussions. Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher was asked about it at his regular press conference on Monday.

“It’s just the way the SEC schedule is, I know they’re looking at some formats going forward,” he said. “Keep the 3 main and rotate 5 and all those things. I think it is good for your players eventually to be able to play everybody in a conference. I really do believe that. I think that’s good. To have that you’ve played that team or been in that stadium and those things. When you have conferences as big as you have now, that’s kind of the way it goes.”

Georgia coach Kirby Smart was asked about the scheduling format as well.

“That’s kind of wild to think about,” Smart said. “But I mean I know their fanbase is passionate. I mean from when we played there at Alabama, they bring — you will see their fanbase in Athens, because they all want to make this trip, just like it’ll be reciprocated when we go there whenever that is. So very passionate fan bases. It’s sad that doesn’t happen often enough, but our conference is big and we got a lot of good football teams, so it takes time to circle it and go all the way around it.”

The programs have only met five times, and not since a bowl game in 2009.