Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M got the job done Saturday afternoon against Sam Houston. The Aggies boat raced the Bearkats 31-0 following a sluggish start.

That’s when the weather moved in. The Aggie sled 17-0 heading into halftime before the game was put on a weather delay.

Ainias Smith, who scored the second touchdown of the day right down the middle of the field, said it wasn’t a hard transition following the nearly 3-hour delay.

 “Once it was really time to put on our helmets and it was time to go to work, we cut our music off, and it was go time,” Smith said.

Smith also said he thought the game was going to be canceled. You’d think after that thought crossed a players mind it would be easy to check out. Instead, the Aggies led a 12-play scoring drive out of the half.

That’s what impressed Fisher the most.

Defensive back Demani Richardson, a team captain on the afternoon, agreed.

“I felt like we handled the storm and delay well, and didn’t come out there sluggish,” Richardson said.

Texas A&M hosts Appalachian State next Saturday. The Mountaineers gave UNC all they had earlier in Week 1, falling 63-61 after a missed 2-point conversion to tie.