Texas A&M defensive back Demani Richardson is a big part of the 2019 recruiting class that been with head coach Jimbo Fisher and are a big reason why some have pegged the Aggies as a darkhorse in the SEC race.

Fisher said Richardson’s experience is so valuable and he’s been able to set an example for the younger guys.

“The guy’s been there,” Fisher said. “He knows he knows. You know how some guys that say they don’t know that they don’t know, well he knows he knows…How you deal with the ups and downs at camp. Some days are more successful, some days aren’t as successful…That knowledge for a player is valuable.”


Richardson is generally a little humble when it comes to talking about himself, but there’s no doubt that he believes that his experience can make a difference this season and help the Aggies bounce back from a disappointing 8-4 year. The difference for him between a disappointing season and a successful one will be finishing games.

“I try to be the best I can be on and off the field,” Richardson said during his press conference. “We just keep it in our mind that we have to finish those games. We have to remind ourselves to finish…in practice whether it’s the third practice or the 10th practice we have to finish.”