Jimbo Fisher has faced questions since he hired Bobby Petrino as offensive coordinator about the autonomy for Petrino, and whether Fisher would overrule a key play call at a given time in a game.

On Monday at SEC Media Days, the Texas A&M coach faced more questions, and he offered some clarity on the situation.

Does Petrino have total freedom on game days?

“There’s a lot of things that are involved in what goes on, I’m not going to get into what we’re doing, how we’re doing it,” Fisher said. “I’m not trying to avoid anything, I just don’t want to create the narrative out there for what goes on. Listen, Bobby was hired for a reason, and he’s a tremendous coach and a tremendous guy, tremendous football mind, tremendous recruiter, he’s done a great job recruiting since he’s been there, everything he does.”

Fisher explained that it’s a more collaborative effort than fans and media let on.

“Hopefully he’ll call the game, we’ll have suggestions on things we do, whether it’s offense, defense,” Fisher said. “Every coach is always involved. It’s more collective thing than people want to give it room for, and then when you get to calling you get on a roll, you get guys that can do it, and I believe that Bobby can definitely do that. Does it as well as anybody in college football. Have great respect for him.”