Jimbo Fisher had a lot to like on Saturday night following a 44-14 win over South Carolina.

He explained his first impressions with Cole Cubelic on the SEC Network after the game.

“When you control the line of scrimmage, you can run the ball, you can get the down and distance, throw it when you want, play actions and our guys did a really good job, and our backs are doing a really good job,” Fisher said. “We did a good job, they’ve got good players up there, they’re physical in the front, we kept pounding away, and our backs made some really patient good runs. They’re having good patience.”

Cubelic pointed out that the Aggies are getting players healthy again, and making moves to get the lineup in the right places. Fisher, though, was glad to see the off week arrive, but is ready to make a run.

“I’d say these last 4 games, lot of ball left,” Fisher said.

The pass rush also paid dividends as it helped the A&M defense adjust behind the front 4.

“It does,” Fisher said. “Our defensive line controlled the whole game. Both lines of scrimmage for us we did a great job of, and the later, I’m disappointed, we’ve got to get some of our younger guys playing better. But our starters and the ones and twos did a great job.”