Jimbo Fisher was proud of Texas A&M for pulling out a narrow win over Arkansas in a game that went down to a last-minute field goal attempt that bounced off the top of the right upright for Arkansas.

“We are gutsy, we play hard,” Fisher said on the ESPN broadcast. “We just can’t have the self-inflicted wounds, we had a chance to put things away, we’ve got to learn to keep some poise and execution, but listen, the fight, the heart, the guts of these guys to be able to come out here and do that, and the drive in the second half. The defense made the changing play, and offensively we got things rolling and got there. We could’ve finished at the end, but we’re getting better, we’ve just got to get better quicker.”

Fisher said he was glad to have 2 ranked opponents on the schedule after the Appalachian State loss because he wanted to find out who the Aggies are.

“To get the chance to really stand up and find your guts and we’ve got another one next week in Mississippi State, that’s a hard place to play,” Fisher said. “We needed those challenges to find out who we are and that’s the best way to do it.”