Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M face South Carolina every year, but this Saturday, the Gamecocks will square off against the Alabama Crimson Tide for the first time since 2010.

It’s also been seven years since Will Muschamp and Nick Saban met on opposite sidelines, but they are much more familiar with each other than that. Actually, almost 20 years ago, Fisher introduced Saban to Muschamp.

Fisher described the meeting during the SEC teleconference Wednesday. He said Muschamp was visiting his in-laws on Christmas holiday and wanted to spend some time watching LSU practice at the Peach Bowl. Fisher had already told Saban about Muschamp and then pointed him out at practice. Fisher also told Saban that “we need to hire” him, and when an opening came up six weeks later, Saban filled it with Muschamp.

It’s amazing how the paths of so many coaches cross in the industry.

Saban, Fisher and Muschamp all remained at LSU through the 2004 season. At that point, Saban and Muschamp left for the Miami Dolphins while Fisher stayed at LSU until 2007 when he joined the Florida State staff.

Here’s the rest of what Fisher said in his press conference Wednesday:

  • On reviewing the Clemson defensive line: They got some pressure on him, affected some throws. They did a really good job, other times we were high on a throw or dropped a throw… they did a nice job in that regard.
  • Thoughts on Clemson this year versus last season: I think they are good both years, you can’t really tell, it’s so early… I think they have been really good both years.