Jimbo Fisher liked what he saw from Zach Calzada and said a quarterback returning from an injury like the shoulder injury that knocked him out of the game helps spark the team.

Fisher told Jamie Erdahl of CBS Sports that it translates to the rest of the team.

“His shoulder just slipped and they put it back in, he was fine and he went out and played, he’s tough,” Fisher said. “He’s a competitor, that’s football. When your quarterback can play like that, rest of them do. It sets a tone. I’ve always been blessed to have those guys, he’s one of them. He’s an unbelievable competitor and our ability to run the football second half was great, and our ability on defense. Our defense is playing lights out, as good as anybody in America.”

Fisher said Texas A&M pulled away because it controlled the line of scrimmage, won the rushing battle and got Auburn in third down and long situations.