Jimbo Fisher continued his tour of Texas on Thursday night with a stop in Austin at the Capital City A&M Club’s Coach’s Night.

Fisher, who is known as one of the fastest-talking coaches in all of sports, shared a little self-awareness at the beginning of his talk.

“I love having a real auctioneer go before me,” he said, per TexAgs. “It makes me sound slow.”

Perhaps in a nod to the Maroon Goons offensive line, and overall growth of the team, Fisher added about the 2020 season, “At the end of the year it was really fun because we were able to put our will upon people.”

Prepared with talking points to fire up the base of Aggies fans, Fisher said the Aggies gave up 31 scoring drives last season, and on 21 of them, the Aggies answered immediately with a score of their own.

He is aware that the program rebuild has made strides, but is not at the peak yet, and then grew philosophical.

“If you ever study people who climb mountains, the biggest failures come in the last 10 percent of the climb,” Fisher said. “How will we perform in that rare air? That’s the next challenge for us.”

Then he touched on something that only Aggie fans can appreciate.

“We’re interested in two rings,” he said. “We’ve got the Aggie ring, but we need a national championship ring too. I’m gonna change tradition a bit and make us a two-ring school.”

About the quarterback competition, Fisher said, “Both guys wanna get coached. Some guys wanna play and some guys wanna get better. Sometimes I will hand it to knucklehead. Sometimes I will throw it to a knucklehead. But I will never snap it to a knucklehead.”

Here’s the rest of Fisher’s schedule:

Fort Worth/Tarrant County A&M Club Coach’s Night – Monday, May 10
Dallas A&M Club Coach’s Night – Wednesday, May 12
Brazos County A&M Club Coach’s Night – Monday, May 17
San Antonio A&M Club Coach’s Night – Wednesday, May 19