Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M turned in a sensational performance on Saturday with a 38-23 win over LSU, and after the game, Fisher said he was, “happy for our seniors and our players. I thought we did all well in all 3 phases… (Devon) Achane was awesome.”

Fisher added that Achane has heart and toughness in everything he does, and the running back finished with 215 yards and 2 touchdowns on 38 carries.

“He’s a versatile guy,” Fisher said. “That’s his greatness… He can do everything on the football field, and he is tremendously humble.”

About the offense overall, Fisher said, “That’s what happens what you execute. Played a great football game. … “There’s not a secret to this… Just go do your job. There’s no magical formula.”

Fisher said Texas A&M did not approach this game as a “hypothetical” bowl game since the Aggies are out of bowl contention.

For the next step with the program, Fisher said he will get the team together to look at December workouts, spring class schedules and “get the recruiting trail going.”

Fisher said about his offense, “We are so caught up in tempo. Name me a tempo team that’s won a national championship. There’s not one in the last 15 years.”

Fisher on if he’s eating cornflakes tonight: “Nah. Don’t know what that’s about. Ate them as a kid.”

The context of that is earlier in the week, Texas A&M WR Jalen Preston said the goal was to finish out this season and “piss in their cornflakes” in the final game against LSU.

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